Orator and Elder, Rag and Bone series, Scrim stage


“Orator and Moth Elder on the Aspen Stage” Rag and Bone series

I’ve often thought life has no particular meaning.  Lovely at times, outrageously unfair at others, mystifying most of all.  Certainly better than most fiction, yet having no comprehensible meaning.  Unless–we put a story to it! It’s oddly fantastic that through the ages humans find a meaning to life by finding a story, creating a story, following, with all their hearts, a story. That said, it seems there are multitudinous dimensions to this time we call human life and we can use our limitless creativity to explore those dimensions ad infinitum. Attention–deep, heart, mind and body exploration of this multidimensional life, is the only way I’ve found to live with the inexplicable. And as one would expect–a story follows forthwith.

The following pages are filled with bits and pieces of my visual stories–some for my own explorations, some as contribution to the creative explorations of others.  Please venture forth. And many thanks for visiting! —Susan Guevara

Post script:  I don’t really have one style, one method, one medium for exploring.  Heavy on the curiosity, I’m freewheeling with technique.