Art Lessons for Fearful Beginners

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These classes are for folks who have always wanted to make art of some sort or another but are convinced they are not “creative” or “talented”. They believe art-making, while desirable, is a magic only meant for the “gifted”.  If you are that person, then I am your champion.  Creativity is our birthright. It is as important to critical thinking as literacy.  And it is available to all of us; as available as the air we breathe. Just as you learned to read and write, you can also learn to draw and paint.  Let me show you how.

“You can’t draw? Oh, yes you can!”

This short course in drawing what you see is for the beginner who is 1) too afraid to start 2) convinced she/he can’t draw or draw well and 3) secretly yearning for the first two descriptions to be wrong!

Two Beginning classes ~ Choose the time best for you.  Or take both for a discount.

Dates: Course One: June 2/9/16/23    Course Two:  June  5/12/19/26

Cost: $120/ Four sessions  (Take both Monday and Friday courses for $210. That’s eight sessions at a 10% discount!)

Where:  Artisan Art Supply,  2601 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87505

We’ll begin each session with a few quick vision exercises to create a safe space in body and mind.  Then off we’ll head, teaching the hand to draw what the eye sees.  Like learning to ride a bike, it’s all about training muscles to do what they’ve not yet done; Even the muscle in your noggin’.  

Our contemporary approach will cover:

• Blind and semi-blind contour drawing—The hand that sees

• Negative Space—What isn’t is

• The form of things—Box, Ball, Cone, Cylinder; not as boring as they seem. 

•  Comparative Drawing—This is to That

Supply list:

• 11 x 14 Sketch Pad, at least 60Lb.  

Artisan “Kiss an artist today” pad, $13.55, a perfect choice

• 2 Black Sharpie pens: fine and Ultra fine.

(Add colors, if you prefer, but not necessary)

Bring your scaredy cat friends!

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