“The House on Mango Street. Artists interpret community”

It was a wonderful opening night at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

Oil Paint, plaster, wood, m/m, tempera paints on carved figures

“La Historia de Mi Madre” Nicholas Herrera, Susan Guevara                             Oil Paint, plaster, wood, m/m on box– tempera paints on carved figures


I’m very grateful to be apart of this touring exhibit from the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, IL

My contribution is a collaborative work with Nicholas Herrera. He carved the characters and I set the environment.



Kazam! Meshack Shadrack ABizknack Salam!

All the oh so important items posted in my antiquated site of old shall forever remain there, lost in the ethers.  I have worked long enough on the makings of a new site–with the kind help of Kim Bruce at Artbiz. Mil gracias, Kim!

The gallery show announcements, the book awards, the press write ups.  Lost and gone.  Thank Goodness and Grace, ( I adore those gals), the posts are not the stuff that really matters in the wizardry called a creative life.