Tiger, Tiger

Tiger Tiger, Dee Lillegard, Susan Guevara

Tiger, Tiger by Dee Lillegard, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2002

“…The succinct text more than suffices as Guevara’s gouache with pastel illustrations on mixed-media paper conjure up all the magic needed for a tantalizing flight of fancy.  Luscious cool greens wrap around the bright yellow-orange of the tiger and the brilliant rainbow colors of the magic feather, while monkeys, parrots, and peacocks keep careful watch from the background.  This is a perfect choice fro reading aloud, with repeated swishes from the feather and warnings from the monkeys and parrots giving eager listeners an opportunity to join in on the story.  Totally satisfying.”–School Library Journal, starred review

“Stunning, jewel-toned illustrations in gouache and chalk pastel on mixed-media paper bring a young boy’s imagination to life in this riveting tale. …Soft-focus illustrations in intense jades, blues, and browns evoke the deep forest setting; the peacock feather in a shimmery rainbow of colors stands out brightly.  The tiger, first nothing but a dark swish, grows into a huge orange creature/ the spread showing its ferocious face with it bared fangs is terrifying.  Those who have scared themselves thinking about what might be lurking in the basement, in the attic, or out in the woods, will recognize the fun of make-believe fright as well as the welcome realization that the same force that created them can tame the beast of the imagination.”  –Kirkus