Tools for Illustrators

More information on Teaching

This is an ongoing series for beginning illustrators.  The mini courses are taught tactilely, the old fashioned way, hands and materials.  While the information builds with each session, they are offered as individual classes.  Registration is open until the day before each class is taught.  10 student maximum–4 student minimum.  $35/class includes tax.

The courses include:

  • Drawing basics: Draw what you see–not what you think you see
  • Clothed figure: Weight and wrapping
  • Color Language: Set the mood
  • Composition: Anchor our attention
  • Techniques: A tool for storytelling

Summer Drawing basics –(see Art Lessons for Fearful Beginners)

Think you can’t draw?  Oh, yes you can!

Mondays and Fridays at Artisan Art Supply, Santa Fe, NM

June 2 though June 26  2017     9:30am  – 12:30pm

Email for more information.